Friday, October 10, 2008

Illegal Alien Enforcement Unit (WMBB-Panama City, FL)

Illegal Alien Enforcement Unit
10/10/08 - 03:08 PM
Bay County Sheriff Office

Bay County, Fla:

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen announced today that the BCSO Illegal Alien Enforcement Unit made their 17th arrest yesterday, October 9, 2008. The unit was formed in July 2008 after investigators from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office attended the ICE 287-G school at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Charleston, South Carolina.

Established as a cooperative effort between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and local law enforcement, the 4 week school certifies law enforcement personnel to function under a delegation of authority from ICE. Four investigators from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office have attended this training and form the Illegal Alien Enforcement Unit.

The Unit has made a total of 4 arrests just this week. Arrested yesterday was Otilio Ramon Herrera, DOB 11/25/75, of 703 Cactus Avenue. Unit investigators have placed a hold on Herrera for ICE officials after determining he has already been deported five times from the United States. Herrera is currently in the Bay County Jail awaiting ICE transportation and his sixth deportation. Also arrested yesterday was Daniel Maldonado Barrera, DOB 12/12/73, of 11005 Old Bicycle Road. Barrera was found to be a lawful permanent resident but he had no driver’s license and was in possession of a stolen social security number. The social security number belonged to a deceased American citizen.

Arrested earlier this week was Pedro Primero-Hernandez, DOB 1/30/66, of 1811 Mound Avenue, because he had no valid Driver’s License. Primero-Hernandez’s son, Edgar Egtuardo Primero-Hernandez, DOB 4/25/88, of 1509 Fairland Avenue, was arrested when he went to the Warrant’s Division of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, which is housed within the Bay County Jail complex. Edgar Egtuardo Primero-Hernandez demanded the release of his father because local law enforcement had no power to hold an illegal alien. Illegal Alien Enforcement Unit investigators spoke with him and, upon discovering that he, too, was in this country illegally, arrested him and placed a hold on him for ICE.

Prepared by R. Sasser
Information by Inv. R. Bagwell

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