Friday, June 17, 2011

Sheriff: ICE Detainer Filed After Fake ID Bust (WFMY-NC)

Sheriff: ICE Detainer Filed After Fake ID Bust
11:13 AM, Jun 17, 2011
Written by Chelsi Zash

Burlington, NC -- Alamance County investigators arrested one person and are looking for another after they busted a fake ID operation.

Alamance County deputies and NC Alcohol Law Enforcement agents searched a home on Wyatt Road Thursday. They found numerous fake resident alien cards and counterfeit social security cards. Investigators also took computer equipment, printers and other items used to make fake cards.

Their investigation started two months ago after reports of someone making fake IDs at the home. Undercover officers were able to purchase several types of identification from the home before the search, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Randy Jones said the equipment seized could produce dozens of identification cards each day. He said the social security numbers used could be from anywhere in the country. Someone wouldn't likely know their social security number was being used until they checked their credit report, got a tax document with incorrect information or were contacted by law enforcement in connection to some other issue.

Delia Sosa Pacheco, 42, was charged after the search with possession of fraudulent identification and manufacturing of fraudulent identification. A Federal Immigation Detainer was also filed against her by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Jones said federal regulations stop him for specifically identifying Pacheco's immigration status.

Jones said Pacheco is currently in state custody. If she were to be released through bond or her charges were to clear the courts, she could then be detained by ICE.

Warrants were also issued for Alfredo Pacheco-Martinez, 42, for trafficking stolen identities, possession of fraudulent identifications and manufacturing fraudulent identifications.

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