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Illegal Alien Arrested in Escondido for Felony Identity Theft (

Illegal Alien Arrested in Escondido for Felony Identity Theft
Jeff Schwilk
* San Diego Immigration Policy Examiner
* April 8th, 2011 9:42 pm PT

On Wednesday April 6, Escondido Police Detectives arrested Eduardo Aguila, 42 for felony Identity Theft. Aguila, an illegal alien from Mexico, had been working in Escondido since 2005 by using someone else’s name and social security number, according to Escondido Police Lt. Craig Carter.

Aguila apparently used a fake California driver’s license and social security card to gain employment and had been working under the alias since 2005. He was arraigned today in Vista Court and is charged with felony Identity Theft and misdemeanor use of fake government documents. Aguila is on an ICE hold at the Vista jail and is ineligible for bail.

The victim of the identity theft had been notified that he owed over $17,000 in unpaid taxes. The victim contacted the IRS regarding the unpaid taxes and determined that he was a victim of identity theft. He reported the theft to police and Escondido Detectives followed up on the information provided and arrested the suspect at his place of work, EDCO Disposal Services at 1044 W. Washington Ave. in Escondido.

Calls were made to EDCO Friday seeking comment, but managers were unavailable to speak about the arrest and the company’s hiring and employment practices. It is not known yet if EDCO falls under the new city ordinance requiring city contractors to check all their employees for legal status and hire only legal workers.

An estimated 20,000-30,000 illegal aliens, mostly Mexican nationals, currently live and/or work illegally in Escondido. The Escondido City Council has taken aggressive steps in recent years to try to deal with its illegal immigration crisis. Last month, the council passed a resolution mandating E-Verify and the IMAGE program for all city workers and companies that do business with the city.

Escondido also holds several drivers license/DUI checkpoints each month to remove dangerous unlicensed drivers, many of them criminal illegal aliens, along with their vehicles from Escondido roads.

The arrest of Eduardo Aguila this week shows that many illegal aliens are still comfortable living and working in Escondido, despite the crackdowns. Unscrupulous and negligent employers continue to employ tens of thousands of illegal aliens, and apparently pay them under the table, while thousands of American workers in San Diego County remain unemployed in this deep recession.

The Aguila case also proves once again that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. Identity theft can ruin a victim's credit and make their lives miserable.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans continue to demand tough crackdowns on illegal immigration and the securing of the U.S. Southern Border, while elected leaders in Washington and Sacramento continue to ignore the growing illegal alien problem, especially in the border states.

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