Thursday, August 25, 2011

Students hold sit-in at immigration building in LA (AP c/o San Jose Mercury News)

Students hold sit-in at immigration building in LA
The Associated Press
Posted: 08/24/2011 07:36:48 PM PDT

LOS ANGELES—Activists say nine illegal immigrant students and their supporters were arrested in demonstrations at immigration offices in Los Angeles over a fingerprint sharing program.

Youth activist Mohammad Abdollahi says five illegal immigrant students and graduates held a sit-in Wednesday at the building where federal officers ready immigrants for deportation.

Abdollahi says officers detained them and one supporter and released them several hours later.

He says three activists who rallied outside were arrested by police for failing to disperse.

Critics say the program giving Immigration and Customs Enforcement access to arrestees' fingerprints has caused the deportation of many for minor infractions. Supporters say it helps identify immigrants convicted of crimes.

Homeland Security spokesman Matt Chandler says the six arrests were executed by the Federal Protective Service. No additional details were released.

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