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Immigration ‘attorney’ in legal trouble of his own (

Immigration ‘attorney’ in legal trouble of his own
by Amber Dixon
Posted: 07.08.2011 at 11:54 PM

Nine hundred dollars doesn't come easy for one Brownsville man, but it's what he paid for a chance to be in the United States legally.

"Si es duro,” said the man.

The man did not want to be identified.

He's an illegal immigrant.

He said he's lived in the U.S for several years, always in fear of being deported.

His $900 went to Joel Tovar, a so-called immigration attorney.

Months later, the man said no work has been done, and the alleged attorney cannot be reached.

"Ahora tiene el telefono desconectado,” said the man.

This man is not alone.

Action 4 News spoke with another Brownsville man who said he paid Tovar $1,500.

He hoped to get his wife a work permit and citizenship.

A year later, the couple has seen no results.

They cannot get in touch with Tovar.

Action 4 News tried contacting Tovar by phone, email and Facebook.

We even visited the home listed on Tovar’s driver's license but got no answer there.

Action 4 News did discover Tovar is facing several criminal charges.

In October 2010, he reportedly threatened a cook at a restaurant with a knife.

Police said he then drove his car at an employee.

The man Action 4 interviewed said he feels helpless.

Being an illegal immigrant, he said reporting Tovar to police is too risky.

He said he believes he was wronged while only trying to do what was right.

Tovar is scheduled to be in court August 25th.

Count on Action 4 News to be there.

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Immigration Lawyer said...

That was a serious trouble. The man was expecting that he is legal immigrant in that country But I think that immigration lawyer was fake.