Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Speeding Leads to Human Trafficking Investigation (Brownwood News)

Speeding Leads to Human Trafficking Investigation
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 15:36 | Written by Lisa Tipton
Local News

Brown County Sheriff’s Deputies discovered a possible human trafficking operation after a routine traffic stop for speeding on Hwy 377S near Brownwood on Monday night.

Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Nathan Land stopped a red Chevy Suburban just outside of Brownwood at approximately 9:58pm Monday on US Hwy 377S near Oak Hill Road for a speeding violation. The vehicle was reported to be traveling 73mph in a 65mph zone.

As the deputy was speaking with the driver, identified as Efren Nava, he noticed three other Hispanic male passengers that were reluctant to look in his direction. Nava, also acted very nervous according to the report. These actions made Deputy Land suspicious that the driver could be transporting illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Deputy Land identified all the passengers that he saw in the car. According to BSCO officials, Nava had given his driver’s license for identification and the other passengers’ identification cards were collected. According to the report, an unknown Hispanic male occupying the front passenger seat took off running from the vehicle as Deputy Land was checking the identifications with dispatch. At this same time, Deputy Stroope along with his canine companion “Izzy” and Deputy Benson arrived to assist Deputy Land with the stop and investigation.

According to BCSO, Deputy Benson attempted to catch the runner but lost sight of him as he escaped into a pasture. Deputy Stroope then instructed the driver, Nava, to call out to the runner and tell him to come back the report states. As deputies secured the two other passengers into the patrol car Nava also took the opportunity to run, disappearing into a pasture just south of the area of the stop.

Deputy Land walked around the vehicle looking for contraband. He noticed a shoe in the back seat with a pile of clothes, under which another male was hiding the report states. Once this subject was secured, another male was located hiding in the rear cargo space of the vehicle and was also secured according to the report.

Border Patrol was contacted, detainers for the four subjects in custody were issued and the vehicle was impounded.

BCSO officials report that Border Patrol was in Brownwood Tuesday morning to begin interviewing those in custody from the traffic stop. The individuals were identified as 39-year-old Rosas Francisco Hernandez, 22-year-old Colorado Jesus Perez, 39-year-old Antonio Sanchez Hernandez and 41-year-old Regulo Sanchez Hernandez.

The driver, Efren Nava and the unidentified Hispanic male passenger remain at large as of mid day on Tuesday.

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