Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Suspected Illegal Immigrants Arrested (WNEP-PA)

Suspected Illegal Immigrants Arrested

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2008 11:09 AM EDT

By Ryan Leckey

A bakery in Lackawanna County was raided Wednesday morning as federal agents look for illegal immigrants.

The bust happened at B.C. Bundt, Incorporated inside Stauffer Industrial Park in Taylor. Nearly two dozen suspected illegal immigrants found themselves hauled out of work on handcuffs.

Just as the first shift was beginning the day local police and federal immigration agents surrounded the place.

Authorities took 23 workers out of the bakery in handcuffs and placed into vehicles.

"They were surprised, never expected it. Their shift started at 7 a.m. We had people on surveillance here and as soon as everybody entered the building we came in," explained Taylor Police Chief Stephen Derenick.

He added the raid was five months in the making. It started after officers received several tips.

"My two officers who gathered the information got information from ex-employees," Chief Derenick said.

According to investigators, five of the 23 suspected illegal immigrants are women. They were taken to the state police barracks in Dunmore for processing before being taken to Philadelphia with the men who were arrested.

As for the bakery, neither workers nor management wanted to comment on the raid.

Before leaving, police said, federal agents also made copies of the company's computer records, such as employee files.

As for those arrested it will be up to immigration officials in Philadelphia to determine whether the 23 people are in this country illegally and what kind of charges will be filed against the B.C. Bundt Bakery in Taylor.

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