Sunday, September 21, 2008

Illegal immigrant nabbed in traffic stop (

Illegal immigrant nabbed in traffic stop

Saturday, September 20, 2008

MOUNT POCONO – An illegal immigrant, stopped for a traffic violation, was found to be in possession of forged ID documents.

Police say Miguel Cisneros was stopped in Mount Pocono, and questioned. After producing what appeared to be an international dirver’s license, and another ID card from the Domiinican republican, both with the same information, a police officer observed what appeared to be a PA license or ID card. That card, with Cisnero’s picture, but a different name, appeared fake.

Under questioning, Cisneros acknowledged he purchased the fake license, and a fake Social Security card, in New York City.

Cisneros is charged with tampering with records or identification, tampering with public records and driving without a license. He was sent to the Monroe County jail, without bail.

The incident happened September 12, but was not reported by Pocono Mountain Regional Police until yesterday

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