Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fallbrook family arrested for immigrant smuggling (AP c/o Mercury News)

Fallbrook family arrested for immigrant smuggling

The Associated Press
Article Launched: 09/09/2008 01:25:16 AM PDT

FALLBROOK, Calif.—A Fallbrook couple and their two adult children have been arrested on suspicion of operating a smuggling ring for immigrants.

Maria del Carmen Alvarez, husband Indalecio (in-dah-LEH'-see-oh) Alvarez Montoya and their children pleaded not guilty to conspiracy, smuggling and tax charges in a federal court Monday.

Prosecutors say they brought dozens of people into the country and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars operating the ring.

They say illegal immigrants were given bogus documents to cross the border at San Ysidro then stayed in the guest house on the family's property until a friend or family paid a smuggling fee.

The family will appear in court on Thursday for a hearing dealing with their bail and public defenders.

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