Sunday, June 1, 2008

IMMIGRATION ARREST - Honduran nationals taken into custody (Owasso Reporter)

Five Honduran nationals were arrested and taken into custody in today at about 4:45 p.m. for immigration violations
By: Neighbor Newspapers staff
Updated 06/01/2008 05:48:38 PM CDT

Immigrations and Customs Agent Van Stephens ordered the arrest.

No other information has been made available.Oklahoma has the nation's toughest immigration laws. Lawmakers put in place HB 1804 last year.

While immigration enforcement has been the task of federal authorities, Tulsa County Sheriff's Department officers have received training on making arrests for being in the United States illegally.

HB 1804 also made it illegal for anyone to knowingly assist or provide help to someone who is in the country illegally.

Supporters of the bill made attempts to pass a "Son of HB 1804" during the recent legislative session but failed to gain consensus and support. Supporters also failed in making English the "official" language of Oklahoma.

Many Native American tribes, including the Cherokee Nation, opposed the legislation.

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