About ICE Raid Report

What is ICE Raid Report?
This blog offers hand-picked news stories from across the U.S. in order to provide a fuller picture of the many ways that immigration laws are being enforced in cities, counties and regions all over the country.

ICE Raid Report is NOT:
- An automatic aggregated news site
- An advocacy site
- A for-profit blog
- Legal advice

How does it work?
Every day, the blog is updated with news articles that show examples of immigration enforcement that has taken place within the last month.  Every post includes a link to the news article at its original source, which can be viewed by clicking on the headline in the post.  Depending on how old it is, the article may no longer be available at its original source online.

On the main page, you will find the latest news from around the country.  If you are looking for news on a particular subject or place, check the hundreds of tabs in the sidebar.  Alternatively, you can search the site for a keyword or name by using the Google search bar.

This blog was dormant from approximately 2011 - 2016, a time during which most enforcement actions took place under less spectacular circumstances, through large-scale law enforcement collaboration with ICE rather than through mass raids, and with resources allocated based on clear enforcement priorities.

ICE Raid Report has resumed chronicling enforcement actions in order to dispel rumor and seek facts in light of the Trump administration's intended changes in policy, which include the elimination of enforcement priorities.

Contact information:

For now, the only way to reach the blog administrator is by leaving a comment on a blog post.  Stay tuned for ways to interact with the administrator.