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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

U.S. Customs and Immigration agents conduct raids at western New York work sites (WIVB - Buffalo)

U.S. Customs and Immigration agents conduct raids at western New York work sites

Updated: April 16, 2008 11:18 AM EDT

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, in close coordination with our state, local and federal law enforcement partners, are serving search and arrest warrants as part of an ongoing criminal worksite enforcement investigation at a number of locations in five states. The investigation is being directed by the ICE Office of Investigations in Buffalo and the United States Attorney for the Western District of New York.
The arrest and search warrants are being served in three locations in Western New York and at several other locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Georgia. We anticipate the operation will continue for several hours. More information about the investigation and those arrested will be available at a press conference later today. No other information is available at this time.
Among the restaurants raided was El Caporal Mexican Restaurant on 3601 Union Road in Cheektowaga.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ICE nabs 2 fugitives, 4 other illegal immigrants in Santa Fe (Santa Fe New Mexican)

ICE nabs 2 fugitives, 4 other illegal immigrants in Santa Fe

Kate Nash The New Mexican

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested six undocumented immigrants in two Santa Fe locations last week, an ICE spokeswoman said.
As part of Operation Return to Sender, agents were searching for two fugitives, said spokeswoman Leticia Zamarripa. "Four (of the arrested) were illegal aliens who our officers encountered while looking for fugitives," she said.
The others were fugitives, she said, people who "almost always have a final order of removal or who didn't show up to a hearing," she said.
Two nonfugitives were arrested outside the Salvadoran restaurant Red Enchilada, and four others were arrested elsewhere in Santa Fe, Zamarripa said. She didn't have information on the other arrest location.
The people arrested outside the restaurant didn't work there, said Raul Lopez, who owns the restaurant. He had seen them in the past as customers cashing checks, which is also part of his business.
Lopez said he heard those who were arrested were taken to El Paso for processing. ICE used to take immigrant detainees to the Regional Correctional Center in Albuquerque, but no longer places immigrants there after a series of complaints by immigrant lawyers about the conditions at the jail.
Lopez said the ICE agents treated him respectfully and showed him photos of people they were looking for.
Still, he said, "everyone was surprised when they showed up."
The immigrants were all between the ages of 20 and 40, Zamarripa said.
The two fugitives the agents were looking for are from Guatemala, while the nonfugitives are from Mexico. The names of the arrested immigrants were not available, Zamarripa said.
Elsa Lopez, a community organizer at Somos Un Pueblo Unido, said the group is still trying to gather more information on the people who were detained. "We're very concerned because we don't know who they were. Two or three members of our community just disappeared," she said, referring to the people arrested outside the restaurant.
In the aftermath of the arrests, some immigrants are afraid to leave home, Raul Lopez said. "They are afraid to go out, not just here (the restaurant), but anywhere," he said.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

ICE op blindsides local store (Montrose Daily Press)

ICE op blindsides local store
By Robert Allen and Katharhynn Heidelberg
Daily Press Writers
Published/Last Modified on Saturday, March 8, 2008 4:13 AM MST

MONTROSE — Three were arrested during an Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation Thursday — an operation Raul Pallares said left him and others at the Carneceria Payares feeling “kind of harassed.”

“They didn’t even have any search warrants, you know. The bad thing about this deal was they said they were looking for drugs and fake IDs and they didn’t show us any search warrants or anything, and they searched the store for all that stuff,” Pallares, 23, alleged.

He identified himself as the son of the carneceria’s owner. “They didn’t find anything because we’re clean.We didn’t want any problems. We felt scared to tell them not to do it.”

ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said in a phone interview that an enforcement action took place Thursday morning, but he could not divulge what led agents to the Mexican-specialty market on East Main Street.

“It was targeted at a few individuals,” Rusnok said.

One of the individuals was connected to the establishment; Rusnok thought that person was the owner, but Pallares said that person was not taken.

Rusnok said an employee and a customer were also scooped up in ICE’s net, after they were asked for ID.

He declined to identify those arrested, saying ICE does not release that information, due to Department of Homeland Security privacy policies.

Rusnok further said the enforcement action targeted other individuals, too, but they could not be located at the time.

He said he could not discuss how ICE came to focus on its identified targets.

Pallares said ICE showed up to check people’s papers.

“We had a girl here that we took her application in good faith. I guess when they checked her ID and her papers, she was illegal, so they took her,” he said.

He said other officers were outside and nabbed two men who came to buy telephone cards, after asking for their papers.

Rusnok said ICE does not conduct random sweeps. “It’s important to emphasize all of our operations are targeted. We don’t go randomly into neighborhoods, or stores, or any sort of location and randomly ask for ID.”

He also said racial profiling “is not part of our means of operating, either. ... We enforce immigration and customs laws throughout the country.”

Pallares said word of the ICE operation spread quickly.

“I mean, all the people here, they didn’t believe that it happened because every year there’s rumors about it that there’s raids going on (but) nothing happened,” Pallares said.

“We felt kind of harassed.”

Pallares said ICE hadn’t previously targeted the carneceria, which has been in business for nine years.

“I hope they never do it again.”